Camlock Panels

Camlock Insulated Panel Systems outperform all other polyurethane panel systems by offering a full tongue and groove panel joint that is mechanically closed producing an air-tight seal. Camlock panels are the preferred choice for the Food, Cold Storage, Government, Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Research industries, that demand the ultimate in climate and atmosphere control. Panels meet all CFIA and USDA requirements.

  • Polyurethane Insulating Core
  • Steel/ Stainless / or Aluminium metal Facings (18-26 gauge)

  • Smooth or embossed profile

Camlock Fasteners offer an Airtight Panel Joint
Camlock Fasteners offer an Airtight Panel Joint - Coldmatic Building Systems
Camlock Panels - Fasteners offer an Airtight Panel Joint with Coldmatic Building Systems
Why Choose Camlock Panels?
  • Superior panel joint offering the best functionality

  • Structurally reinforced for greater span and strength

  • Installation costs are greatly reduced

  • Re-usable – Easy to expand or remove

  • Trim, caulking, and fasteners are not required

  • Modular design for ease of repair or part replacement

  • Quick delivery times

  • Factory approved and certified by all government bodies

Modular Construction
  • Versatility in Layout, Size and Location: Our precision-engineered 100% polyurethane insulated panels offer maximum flexibility to suit all coldroom requirements. No wood or structural members are required. The foamed-in-place urethane panel is 70 mm(3″) or 100 mm (4″) thick and available with a standard finish of baked white enamel or optional finishes of stainless steel, smooth, embossed aluminum, and galvanized steel.

  • Urethane Insulation: Foamed-in-place polyurethane with a very high strength-weight ratio superior “closed-cell” insulation properties and low density is used in all panels. Double the insulation value (K=.12) of conventional material EG. 4″ thickness panel is equal to 8 1/2″ of fiberglass. Peak insulation efficiency remains constant. Our panels are vermin-proof and odour-free.

Camlock Panels - Modular Construction and Panel Sections with Coldmatic Building Systems
Panel Sections
  • Walls and Corners: Corners are built as part of a wall panel with a die formed 90-degree angled section to provide a strong and rigid structure. Wall panels are available in 300 mm to 1200 mm (1ft to 4ft.) width. Walkins are available in any length, width, and height combination of standard sizes in 150mm (6″) increments up to warehouse size.

  • Ceiling and Floor: Ceiling and floor are available in 300 mm to 1200 mm (1ft to 4ft.) width. Ceiling and floors are supplied in stock length of 1200 mm (4′) to 3600 mm (12′) in 150mm (6″) increments.

  • Panel Fasteners: Camlock panel fasteners are permanently foamed-in-place in the exact position for perfect alignment and easy assembly with the use of a simple hexagon wrench. The camlock arm assembly in one panel engages the pin assembly of the adjacent panel and draws, secures, and locks the panels together forming a vapour-proof tight urethane panel joint.