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Welcome To Coldmatic

We are Canada’s leading supplier of insulated panel and door systems. Over the past 50 years, we have successfully built and renovated hundreds of process plants, cold storage facilities, supermarkets, and distribution centers. We understand what is required to start and finish these projects, professionally and on time, every time. Our standard of quality, innovation, safety, and service, are second to none. Experts in cold storage construction and engineering, we create full-service solutions that surpass all expectations.





We Handle All The Details

We are proud to be the only Insulated Panel and Door Systems manufacturer in Canada that offers Consultation, Design, Project Management, Installation, and Construction services to our customers. Here are a few more benefits of Coldmatic products …

Save Money - Coldmatic Building Systems, insulated panels and doors
Save Money

Save a third on your energy bill every month. Coldmatic insulated panel and door systems are the only part of your property that will pay for itself.

Fast Install - Coldmatic Building Systems, panels are built at our factory
Fast Install

Coldmatic’s panels are built at our factory and are ready to assemble when they arrive, substantially cutting build time.

Green Product - with little to no waste, using our insulated doors and panels with Coldmatic
Green Product

With little to no waste, using our insulated doors and panels, you will cut waste, keeping it out of the environment.

Reasons to Choose Coldmatic

  • Our commitment to personal service means you have one point of contact
  • We have a large range of stock available so we can supply it when you need it

  • Our quality workmanship means savings on maintenance down the road
  • Our insulated panels are guaranteed for 12 months
  • Highest insulation value (R-Value) with heavy-duty polyurethane foam saving energy
  • Fast installation, higher air quality, and better noise reduction