Modular CAMLOCK Panel Technology

Coldmatic has been designing, manufacturing, and installing Walk-in Cold Rooms for over 50 years, with thousands of satisfied customers in the Food, Medical, Manufacturing, Government, and Technology sectors.

  • Specifically designed for cold storage applications where an airtight panel joint is mandatory

  • Generating and maintaining cold is 5-8 times more expensive than maintaining heat

  • Save on energy costs from the planning phase by choosing an insulated panel system that has been engineered to perform under extreme temperature conditions

  • CAMLOCK- Deep Freezing Panels are specially designed for cold room applications incorporating a mechanically fastened double tongue and groove panel joint

  • This joint creates an airtight seal between the walls, ceiling, and floor – which is specific only to a Camlock insulated panel system

Camlock Insulated Panels offer unmatched performance and value.

  • Simple to install or remove

  • Re-usable

  • Easy to expand or re-size

  • Zero construction waste

  • Savings on refrigeration costs

  • Polyurethane insulating core

  • Double tongue and groove panel joint

  • Mechanically closed secondary joint system

  • Structurally reinforced interior ribbing

  • One section door panels and corners

  • Designed to order – modular construction

Standard Features
  • Pre-fabricated panel and door sections

  • Modular design for easy assembly

  • Full tongue and grove panel joints designed and required for cold storage

  • Mechanically fastened – foamed in place camlock, for an air-tight seal

  • Structurally reinforced panels with a polyurethane insulating core

  • Minimum R-Value of 7.8/inch

  • One section corners for extra rigidity

  • Reinforced floors for higher loading

  • CFIA & USDA approved paint finish

Cold Rooms - Coldmatic Building Systems in Etobicoke, Ontario
Cold Rooms - Walk-In Options, Stainless Steel or Aluminium finish with Coldmatic
Walk-In Options

We offer a vast array of Walk-In Cold Room options designed to meet any specification.

  • Stainless Steel or Aluminium finish – Interior and Exterior

  • Reinforced floors with stainless or aluminium treadplates

  • Protective kickplates / bumpers

  • Sliding or Swing door options

  • Viewport windows

  • Access Ramps – Internal/External

  • Lighting and temperature alarms

Swing or Slide Doors

We offer a complete line of insulated swing and sliding doors custom-made to meet any specification.

  • Superior Cold Storage Door Systems

  • Intelligent, patented designs

  • Durable, functional, and aesthetically-please


We offer a variety of shelving types and designs to suit your material storage requirements.

  • Frozen meats and seafood

  • Poultry and thawed meats

  • Produce and vegetables

  • Bakery items and delicates

  • Hazardous materials

Cold Rooms - Swing or Slide Doors by Coldmatic Building Systems
  • Interior and exterior

  • Cooler and freezer applications

  • Quality materials

Product Use
  • Blast Freezers

  • Freezers

  • Deep chilling cells

  • Coolers and holding rooms

  • Beer and beverage coolers

  • Bakery coolers and delicates

  • Material storage rooms

  • Material storage rooms

  • Food processing rooms

  • Clean rooms/ Mortuaries

  • Supermarkets and Grocers

  • Convenience Stores

  • Restaurants and Kitchens

  • Food Franchises

  • Food Processors

  • Fuel Stations / Food Stops

  • Hospitals/Bio-Medical Mortuaries

  • Government/Military

  • Technology/Research

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing/Storage